Quality of service

Dourogás Propano ensures a high standard of quality service in the supply of propane gas.


Strictly complies with all safety standards , offering considerable advantages , either technical or commercial. Our distribution networks are modern , safe and technically evolved.


Our prices are the lowest in the industry. The company provides support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


Information and Complaints

Dourogás Propano responds to all requests for information and complaints within 20 working days.


Telephone calls

We tried the telephone service is made on the first ring. If this is not possible, we ensure a waiting time of less than 60 seconds.


Attendance in person

Dourogás Propano operates a policy of proximity. It has service desks close to the consumer where the service is immediate.

The waiting time is less than 20 minutes. (The 'waiting time' is defined as the time between the instant of number assignment order of service and the actual start of the attendance.)

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