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Name of operation

Procedural standardization and dematerialization of the relationship with the outside



With this project and the respective application of Incentives for Qualifying PME System under the National Strategic Framework (QREN), Dourogás Propano S.A. aims to adopt an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), the development of digital counter, and one DataMining module. Cumulatively the company intends to create and to register a brand name, the implementation of the Internal Control System, implementation of an Environmental Management System, and an Health and Safety at Work Management System.


Objectives and Priorities

The project's investment of Dourogás Propano has goals that fall into different types of such Incentive Scheme. The goals proposed by Dourogás are:

- Certify the company under the Environment (ISO 14001:2004);

- Certify the company under the OSHAS 18001;

- Computerize transversely the company, increasing its competitiveness and giving it the support means to open the company abroad;

- Open the company abroad, interacting fully dematerialized with their customers and suppliers;

- To promote the company and its services among their target markets;

As a result a number of organizational improvements will occur, will reduce paper circulation within the organization by inserting document management modules, will increase the company's competitiveness through administrative agility, etc.


The company with the approval of the Operational Programme ON.2 of its operation "Procedural standardization and dematerialization of the relationship with the outside" got a co-financing of €198,066.15, a total eligible investment: € 440.1.47,00

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