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The concept of sustainability crosses aspects of economy, culture and environment and goes through the whole society. It is intended that this will be the means and manner of compromising human society to the satisfaction of their needs, values ​​all resources without waste, conserving natural ecosystems and biodiversity, allowing its use infinite.

This concept must be viewed in a global way, with coverage of the small level to the whole planet.


Vision and strategy

Dourogás Propano aware of its role in the communities it serves, helps this cause through the example of their practices, and of other companies to which offers a cheaper energy. By doing so in the northern areas of the country, which initially were left out of national concessions also contributes to an more socially just and economically viable model.


Social responsibility

Sustainability is thus assumed by Dourogás Propane well as ethical and responsible attitude, in the development of social and environmental actions, both in relation to their employees and in their practices in the communities where it operates.

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